Research and analytical laboratory equipment and supplies

1. UV-VIS single-beam spectrophotometer
2. UV-VIS Duplex Spectrophotometer
3. NIR spectrophotometer
4. Visible Spectrophotometer
5. Spectrofluorimeters
6. Fluorescent Spectrophotometer
7. Atomic Absorption Flame and Furnace
8. Infrared February FTIR with Handheld Tablet
9. ICP inductive conjugate device
10. ICP-MS device
11. HPLC Liquid Chromatography Two solvent

12. HPLC Liquid Chromatography Four solvent
13. GC gas chromatograph with FID-TCD-ECD-NPD detectors
14. Gas chromatograph with mass detector GC MS
15. Particle size analyzer. Liquids
16. DSC Thermal Analyzer and DSC / TGA / STA Analyzer
17. Laboratory and Industrial Fermenter
18. Superficial and intermediate surface tensiometer
19. Angle Contact Angle
20. XRF desktop and portable device
21. Desktop XRD device
22. NMR core magnetic resonance device