Oil and gas and petrochemical equipment and supplies

1. Melting & Freezing Point Freezing Point
2. Flashpoint flash point test device
3. Petrochemical petrochemicals
4. Saybolt color meter
5. ASTM D1500 color sampler
6. Device for determining the amount of salt in crude oil
7. Kinematic viscometer
8. Viscosity bath (Bin Mari viscosity)
9. Viscosity measuring device in cold
10. Ben-Marisorculator (drainage bath)
11. Anilin point detection device
12. The device for determining the cloud point
13. Device for determining the dropping point
14. Automatic oil distillation
15. Semi-automatic distillation unit 2 houses
16. Distillation in cold
17. Device for determining the amount of ash in petroleum products
18. Device for determining the stability of gasoline against oxidation
19. Apparatus for determining the acidity of petroleum products
20. Apparatus for determining the vapor pressure of petroleum products
21. Distillation point testing machine for oil
22. Apparatus for testing oil and oil foaming
23. Apparatus for testing high temperature oil and grease flooring
24. Apparatus for testing stability of oil against oxidation

25. Density meter
26. Device for testing copper corrosion by petroleum products
27. Device Step Tester
28. Liquid gas corrosion device
29. Oil and grease permeability test device
30. Octane Analyzer to determine the octane number
31. Mortapten Analyzer
32. Water testing device for petroleum products
33. A device for determining the impurity test for crude oil and petroleum derivatives
34. Petroleum centrifuge machine
35. UV VIS spectrophotometer
36. Infrared FITR
37. Atomic Absorption Atomic Absorption
38. GC Gas Chromatograph
39. Liquid HPLC Chromatography
40. Surface and intermediate level oil tensiometer tensiometer
41. Potentiometer
42. Carl Fisher Titrator
43. Related Chemicals