Laboratory equipment and supplies for water, sewage and water monitoring

1. Water and sewage specialist
2. Atomic Absorption
3. GC-MS mass chromatograph
4. Ion Chromatograph Chromatograph
5. HPLC Two solvent and four solvent
6. Flame photometer
7. Desktop and portable turbidity sensor
8. Portable and desktop pH meters
9. Desktop and portable EC meter
10. BOD meters
11. COD reactor with photometer
12. Avon and Fandar
13. Conventional and glacier incubator
14. CO2 incubator
15. Fully automatic digestion and distillation system
16. Lab scales with different precision
17. Distilled water distilled once and twice
18. Humidity Lab (Laminar) and Chemical Hood
19. Laboratory freezer
20. Chemicals
21. The culture medium
22. Laboratory glassware
23. Chinese laboratory tools