About Us

The vira zist teb company with maintaining the national funds and provide services to all organs and sectors of the state and has begun its activity. This company with having professional experts from a German company named manesco and relying on the experienced domestic experts with high and excellent education ( masters and PhD) in order to meet the needs associated with following items ready to cooperate and provide the services.


  • Consultation on buying and choosing devices, installation and setup, service, repair and maintenance analyst devices, laboratory devices as centrifuge , autoclave and etc.
  • Setup and facilitation of (research, industrial and educational) laboratories in the fields of mining, basic sciences (chemistry and physics), cement, glass, ceramics, enamels, foods, quality control, etc.
  • Consulting, setup and startup of industrial lines, plating and color and etc.
  • Consulting, setup and startup of water and wastewater treatment systems of agricultural industries, etc.
  • Chemical constituents’ analysis, essence, distillate and etc.

The increasing importance of the development and realization in different industries (pharmaceutical, food and chemical) environment priority through teaching and the development of medical sector , the necessity of an impressive build and equip laboratories according to the newest technical knowledge in various sections over to demand proof.

Nowadays, due to a variety of projects in the construction and modernization of technical tips, many in order to select the correct and efficient platforms out there that company’s experts participate in decision-making and the implementation of the project for you and they will help you in any way, also they provide a variety of models with different dimensions for each functional laboratory with depending on your taste.



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