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laboratory filters

Hamilton syringe

Spatula Steel and Clamp


Types of chemicals and culture media

Laboratory glassware


Hydrometers, Densimeters, thermometers

Types of Atomic Lamps, Deuterium, Microscope


PH Meters&Oxygen Meters

Spectrum, Cute (Spectrum Photometer)

Vacuum pump and filtration system

Buying consulting equipment

By providing accurate technical advice, comprehensive information, desirable and relying on years of work experience and utilizing experts specializing in the sales department, Vizza Corporation will assist you in choosing the most appropriate and quality equipment.

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Warranty and after sales service

Virazisteb experienced engineers in the technical and after-sales service, with the planning, proper facilities and complete training of the devices, Virisist Medical is working to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the aftermath of the device sales.

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